Write to Me

Please do not contact me just to say you’re sorry about what happened on the bus last year!

If you’re the fucking weirdo Dawid Kucharski who relentlessly messaged me despite my ignoring you, travelled to London to try to meet me, & talked about returning to London for the same purpose, please know: a) I no longer live in Camden; b) I carry things to defend myself; c) the National Stalking Helpline knows allll about you. Just because you think you had good intentions does not make you any less gross or invasive than the daily banal harassment I experience. Although you have not kept your word, do recall your pledge to not bother me (below for your reference). Don’t fucking contact me (even under a fake name lol), stay off my site, stay off my instagram, & seek help for your creepy-ass obsession.

I resent having to dedicate space to this matter. Wouldn’t it have been nice if you had just left me the fuck alone.