Centuries in the Making: Lewisham’s Homegrown Culture (published by Kin Structures)

This essay was in a pamphlet published by Kin Structures in September 2022 celebrating Kin Structures 9 months at Orchard Gardens estate, “collaborating with residents to create art and explore new futures for their local community centre.” Thank you to Arman Nouri and Kwame Lowe for the invitation to write and sharp editing.

Kin Structures is “exploring new approaches to building and sustaining cultural and community infrastructure” through art and culture “to create just futures, recognising their potential to encourage imagination and cultivate exchange. Just futures can be realised when communities have their physical space and resources to proactively create their futures. Recognising the fact that some groups have been and continue to be under-served by enduring structures of power, our work centres these communities in the knowledge that their empowerment is crucial for the creation of a just world.”

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