Collaborative Cross-Training: Marine Corps Gazette, 2016

Marine Corps recruiting propaganda doesn’t tell you about the infinite pain-in-the-ass taskers your higher headquarters is going to pass down, & how many you’re going to catch as a junior officer. Of the more benign tasks Combat Logistics Battalion 1 received from its Combat Logistics Regiment 1 was the writing of articles for the professional journal of the branch, the Marine Corps Gazette.

In 2016, when CLB-1 got stuck with this assignment for the third time in that many years, I was preparing to get out of the Marines, blissfully skating through the last few weeks of being the company executive officer for the Transport Support Company, and volunteered to write the Gazette article.

I had some reservations putting this on my website, since I vehemently disagree with the way the United States military is funded and deployed, and I do not want posting this to appear I endorse it. However, this is not a policy article-it’s about collaboration. Before I was the Company XO, I was a platoon commander for one of its truck companies. A fellow platoon commander, another infantry officer in the same billet for a weapons platoon, plus our senior non-commissioned officers, planned a week of cross-training for our Marines they likely would have never had otherwise. We availed ourselves to many of the training facilities on base and involved the expertise of explosive ordnance disposal colleagues we knew from a deployment.

Despite the venue, I stand by the sentiment to work with people outside your usual circle.

Photo from Marine Corps Gazette, October 2016; 100(10)/Carlos Cruz, Jr